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Working in a Word or online environment makes enriching and editing your data a very intuitive process.

Strengthen the knowledge chain

PublishOne will improve the three main processes of the publishing process.

  • Get more out of your authors
    Specialized information is prepared by professionals. The authors are experts within a field and PublishOne enables them to capture and share this information efficiently. The author environment is based on Microsoft Word and is known for most users and includes all the support a word processor provides.
  • Shorten your time-to-market
    PublishOne makes the management of knowledge clear. The management module offers an extensive user management, task overviews and workflow support for authors and editors. Combining sources and producing documents to different platforms is controlled from the management environment.
  • Increase your reach
    PublishOne publishes fast, flexible and in all desired formats. The documents will be available
    via online services for publication to online, app and offline customized deliveries. The advanced search and navigation functions make your knowledge optimal accessible. The web services are able to completely integrate with SharePoint and other work environments in the Cloud. A link with InDesign realizes a fully automated format of presswork.

Editor for publishers

PublishOne will increase the income of your experts because of the user-friendly interface. For a flexible access you choose for the browser with a XML-editor built in. If you want to get the most out of your author or editor the link with Word offers all the familiar functions for editing documents; navigation, spellchecker and extensive style and link functions. Documents are immediately converted to the XML- source format and offered in the online browser for verification. The user will be more involved directly with the result. The framework offers an extensive workflow – with a task overview per user – for both documents and images. The management of versions allows fully flexible and scalable tracking of changes, comparing and checking documents. The search engine SearchOne offers advanced searching and filtering.

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