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PublishOne is the editorial solution for publishers and knowledge institutions to create, manage and distribute documents. Based on 18 years of experience in the publishing world, Diskad has developed a unique platform to provide specialized information in a scalable and user-friendly way. The whole process of drawing up documents in MS Word to the application of knowledge in the work process of the professional, is efficiently organized. By combining documents with external sources and Open Data will complete your publication and it will become a reliable starting point for knowledge workers.

The modular construction of PublishOne is targeting the gradual extension of existing systems and processes, so the organization can adjust step by step. With PublishOne publishers and knowledge institutions will lower the costs to manage specialized information and improve the quality of the supply for the whole chain.

 About PublishOne

  • Start in 1996
  • 1800 titles published
  • 9 languages
  • Part of Idealogic Singapore marketing group
  • Offices in Amsterdam, Ho Chi Min City, Kuala Lumpur


PublishOne gives all organizations the resources to improve the quality and efficiency of knowledge.

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