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PublishOne is the editorial solution for publishers and knowledge institutions to create, manage and distribute documents. Based on 18 years of experience in the publishing world, we have developed a unique platform to provide specialized information in a scalable and user-friendly way. The whole process of drawing up documents in MS Word to the application of knowledge in the work process of the professional, is efficiently organized. By combining documents with external sources and Open Data will complete your publication and it will become a reliable starting point for knowledge workers.

The modular construction of PublishOne is targeting the gradual extension of existing systems and processes, so the organization can adjust step by step. With PublishOne publishers and knowledge institutions will lower the costs to manage specialized information and improve the quality of the supply for the whole chain.


How does it work?

Import module

The PublishOne Import Module enables you to load all your content into one environment where it can be edited and published. Our Import Module is compatible with many different input formats.


  • XML
  • Word
  • InDesign
  • InCopy

Editor module

With our custom PublishOne ribbon in Microsoft Word or online editor you can easily edit and enrich content in an environment that authors feel comfortable with. Authors don’t have to get used to complicated new publishing software.


  • Enrichment
  • Taxonomy builder
  • Semantic highlighting
  • Metadata suggestions
  • Word support
  • Online editor
  • Track modifications
  • Advanced searching
  • Classification tool
  • Metadata suggestions
  • Dictionary

Publication module

Our Publication Module enables you to publish all of your content to various output formats. With PublishOne the multichannel publishing process will become faster and more flexible.


  • Fulfilment module
  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Apps
  • XML
  • REST Interface
  • Social Sharing
  • PitStop integration
  • Preflight
  • Export to web


The PublishOne Suite is the total package for publication and storage of your data. It makes standardization of the writing, searching and publication processes possible.


  • Workflow
  • Rolebase access
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Configurable roles and teams
  • Search One
  • Relevance ranking
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Email notifications
  • Profiles
  • Alfresco connector
  • WoodWing connector

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