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Do you want to accelerate the time-to-market of your publications? PublishOne makes this happen.

Open data and other sources

The PublishOne platform is specifically developed for merging and enriching multiple sources. This means that your Open Data and other content of third parties can be fully automated and can be included in your publication or knowledge database. You can provide all documents with your own classifications based on the glossary you have created. The editor module offers advanced pattern recognition so you can make links and relationships between the documents, it’s easier for your editor to do simple management operations and the chance of risks is lower. PublishOne offers more relevant documents with less management tasks.

Multi platform publishing

PublishOne publishes to all wanted digital channels and formats. Per publication a process is developed, so all of the content satisfies the specific demands of the channel. Structured content is provided in XML, or formatted in HTML or XHTML. In these documents a table of contents and if needed index files for your own search engine can be added. There is a wide range of choices available for channels; for periodic delivery of large sets of documents the Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is the best choice. Apps, websites and SharePoint are operated with an API and web services. A website or knowledge database can be delivered with a full implementation. The publication module can be designed based on the wishes and demands of the user.

Automated layout

PublishOne has a proven link with InDesign for the automated process of preparing books, guides and journals. The publication process starts in the publishing environment with the publication module; within every second a proof-sheet is generated in Certified PDF. With every adjustment of a document, you immediately have a new version available, because you can make these without any limit. Multiple publishers of professional specialized information entirely entrust the layout of books to PublishOne.

PublishOne usability

Out of the box PublishOne comes with a very intuitive interface. Since the core of the editing work is manually done in Word we follow their approach of a drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface. Customize PublishOne with a theme for full integration with your brand experience.

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