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PublishOne – from content creation to publication in a smarter way

Advanced and user-friendly publishing-solution for digital and print

PublishOne – a smarter way to publish in a familiar environment

Publishone is the first publishing solution to give smart technologies to the people using it. Authors, researchers and editors can work in a completely familiar environment and focus on content. The only thing they see is a PublishOne ribbon in Word or another software of their choosing. Behind the scenes publishers and knowledge driven companies have a firm grasp on what’s next. From editing and design to enriching content and making it more easily searchable. Everyone works in a central, cloud-based document and know exactly what their tasks and privileges are. As a result, the creators and content writers can do what they do best, while publishing to any format can be accomplished up to 40% faster. From blog, app or whitepaper to textbooks, reports or novels in print. All from a single source file in PublishOne.

PublishOne puts you ahead in a world where readers are critical of content and publishing speed can make a difference between success and failure.

The 10 advantages of PublishOne

1. Work in a familiar environment – work in Word or any other familiar software with a custom-built PublishOne ribbon.

2. Digital and print – publish from one central XML source document. This allows for a larger reach and more control on the consistency and contents of various publications.

3. Optimal cooperation – in a central environment that’s available through the cloud anywhere, anytime.

4. Publish quickly – both digital and print. Style templates and other smart solutions help speed this process further along.

5. Update quickly – content that is sensitive to changes can be changed swiftly and can be published again immediately.

6. Enhance content easily – with, among others, images, links and metadata that will ensure your publication is more searchable. This can also make knowledge more available within your company.

7. Complete control – everyone can see their tasks and privileges, the project supervisor has an overview.

8. Flawless – no more issues with versions, one central document makes it easy to see the status and back-ups are made automatically.

9. Developed with the users – every PublishOne customer is part of our advisory board and helps decide on future developmental topics.

10. Custom – we build PublishOne according to your way of working, not the other way around.


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