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Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory partners with PublishOne

Wolters Kluwer is one of the largest global information solutions and services providers. While Wolters Kluwer began as a print publisher, today, over two-thirds of Wolters Kluwer’s offerings to legal & regulatory, health, tax and risk & compliance professionals are digital and software solutions, including online content. Having knowledge available online offers many advantages, such as enhancing the ease of finding information and the possibility of connecting knowledge to other knowledge. The online environment also provides a new opportunity for the division to work more effectively with the (international) authors who make their expert insights and analysis available to professionals through Wolters Kluwer LR.

The new norm: online publishing

A large scale transition from print to digital is happening in the knowledge industry. As a frontrunner in this development, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory (LR) searched for a tool that would allow authors to publish in a futureproof and easy way. As Wolters Kluwer LR works with the leading experts around the world, the tool needed to be customisable to suit the wishes of international authors, and be intuitive to use. The author environment also needed to be flexible. As many suppliers have their own environments – the tool needed to fit with those, as well. PublishOne fulfilled these requirements, and more.

One flexible worldwide solution

Authors who work on titles for Wolters Kluwer LR generally use Microsoft Word. PublishOne offers both a Word-base web editor and a plugin for Word itself, so authors can keep working in their trusted environment. PublishOne’s customisability makes it especially suitable for the various areas of interest and international authors working with Wolters Kluwer. Both the front end and the back end are easily configurable to the wishes of different offices worldwide. PublishOne Specialists offer support where necessary and train users. This works so well, all countries of Wolters Kluwer LR in Europe already use PublishOne.

The result

PublishOne has helped Wolters Kluwer LR to streamline and automate the content process in a digital environment. A new file type, a different working process… no matter the development, PublishOne is ready to handle it or can be adapted easily. This flexibility has led to a high rate of acceptance in Wolters Kluwer’s network, including suppliers that have adopted PublishOne. Wolters Kluwer LR, its authors and its customers now benefit from the shorter time-to-market with new content. As a result, authors prefer PublishOne over previous solutions and are looking forward to future updates as Wolters Kluwer LR partners with PublishOne to continue to evolve the platform to always deliver the best user experience possible.



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Publishing simplified for everyone

Publishing on your own terms is easy with Bibliomundi

Anyone can write a book, but writing it is just the beginning. Many hopeful authors get stuck when faced with the publication process. The Brazilian company Bibliomundi brings authors without a publisher a platform they can use to publish their work digitally. For a while now Bibliomundi has been using Publishone to accomplish this.

Bibliomundi is more than a digital service, they explicitly want to guarantee the quality of everything published through their platform. Besides the quality of a book’s content, Bibliomundi’s publications have to have a consistent and professional look to them, and be published in the most widely used file types. So the author is mostly responsible for the content, but according to Bibliomundi’s standard of quality.

PublishOne: far and away the best solution

PublishOne is the perfect solution to publish quickly and easily, completely according to the standards Bibliomundi has set for their e-books. The large distances in Brazil are no problem, since authors can use a web editor that is accessible through the cloud for anyone, anywhere. Authors just need a computer that can connect to the internet. Users don’t need to travel for any training either, Bibliomundi has made their own online tutorials that guides authors through PublishOne. Bibliomundi also uses PublishOne’s conversion tools. Authors can focus on their writing, while Bibliomundi has a strong grip behind the scenes.

The results

Bibliomundi uses PublishOne to further conquer the Brazilian market. Using PublishOne they can offer writers a user-friendly platform that generates fast and high-quality results. A professional e-book is now within reach of every Brazilian author, thanks to PublishOne.

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PublishOne grows along with Vakmedianet

Vakmedianet is one of the largest B2B publishers in the Netherlands. They focus on spreading expert information in various fields of business. Like most publishers, Vakmedianet became big with printed media. The amount of subscription-based titles in portfolios has been declining for years, which forces publishers to offer content in other forms as well. Vakmedianet trusts PublishOne to accomplish this.

From print to digital

Five years ago, Vakmedianet searched for a content management system from which they could create content for both print and online. To this end they wanted a single system that could both create and manage content. With their sights set on the future, this solution had to be easily scaleable to avoid growing pains; this is one of the main strengths of PublishOne. The shrinking market for print media has led to fierce competition between publishers. Vakmedianet has fortified their own position in the market by acquiring other publishers’ portfolios, and has grown tremendously in a short time. PublishOne can go along with this development without issues.

New earning models

The collaboration between PublishOne and Vakmedianet goes back to when Vakmedianet was a smaller company, while it is one of the largest B2B publishers in the Netherlands now. During this growing phase Vakmedianet has continually added new titles to PublishOne. These titles now profit from additional options with regards to multimedia and online content. Adding metadata to ease finding relevant content is also easy with PublishOne. Publishing online has opened the door to new earning models other than the classical subscription models and selling separate issues.

The result

Because authors can see their changes right away in the final proof with PublishOne, fewer corrections are needed. This results in a huge gain in time. Sandra Britsemmer van Vakmedianet: “PublishOne is a breath of fresh air for mutation-sensitive content, such as information based on laws and regulations that has to be changed each time a law changes. This can be done by authors and editors and they can manage their own content. PublishOne can be used to easily enrich this content with links and metadata. We are ready to keep growing now that we can add new titles to our current content management system, powered by PublishOne.”




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PublishOne and WebEdu tackle the change to online learning

WebEdu specialises in educational learning materials. Their focus is on offering online course material through their own platform EduCourse. More and more educational institutes want to make their course materials available online and enrich content with video. WebEdu wants to join in these developments and was looking for a good way to publish course material to EduCourse. They found this in PublishOne

Professional author environment

While developing EduCourse, WebEdu was introduced to PublishOne through a mutual partner. Clarity came instantly for WebEdu: PublishOne is the professional author environment that covers all our wants. PublishOne is the import module that allows customers to structure and enrich their content to make it ready for publishing to EduCourse. With the help of PublishOne, WebEdu has accelerated the online launch of EduCourse, so educational institutes can profit from it right away.

The fastest route from author to student

WebEdu uses PublishOne as an author environment to get content from author to student as efficiently as possible. The fact that PublishOne uses Word makes it ideal to use for authors. Enriching online course material with assignments, questions and various multimedia is just as user friendly in PublishOne. PublishOne makes it possible to create content, making online learning in EduCourse personal.

The result

Professional educators are switching to a type of blended learning and EduCourse facilitates this transition. Because content can be published both to paper and to EduCourse, WebEdu now offers a unique proposition. Both students and teachers are enthusiastic. Petra Noordermeer from WebEdu: “The collaboration with PublishOne is very pleasant. They are always ready to help if needed. We at WebEdu are invited to join them in thinking about the development of PublishOne, which gives us confidence for the future.”

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Croner-i Limited

Croner-i Ltd chooses automation and standardisation with PublishOne

Croner-i is a British special interest publisher in the areas of Tax, Accounting, Human Resources and Health & Safety. Croner-i has recently acquired titles in these areas for the United Kingdom & international markets from Wolters Kluwer. With their sights set on the future, Croner-i now wants to automate their processes. PublishOne offers a way forward.

The challenge

Croner-i had multiple and sometimes costly legacy products, content types and workflows, for delivery to Print, ePub and Online. They wanted to refresh their content supply chain in way that would lower costs and improve quality via standardisation. The way PublishOne lets Croner-i standardise and automate their publishing processes at the earliest point in the supply chain, helps them release their publications faster and keep their customers up to date with the legal and regulatory challenges and solutions.

Our solution

PublishOne gives Croner-i much more than just a standard author environment. Take, for instance, the automatic XML-conversion; Croner-i says working with XML is author-unfriendly – even for experienced internal authors – and now authors don’t have to. PublishOne also makes it easy to enrich content, for example by adding topic metadata and content links via APIs with other web services. All this can be done in a single author environment, and PublishOne as a platform on which Croner-i can build functionality themselves to fit their needs.

The result

Croner-i is still transferring their complete portfolio to PublishOne, but is already profiting daily from increased efficiency, with over 80% of their authors migrated in just five months. Many processes are now automated and more will follow, like making final print proofs visible during the writing process and single-click publishing to online products from within PublishOne. Nick Taylor from Croner-i: “We already need far less support from overseas editing and typesetting services, which greatly reduces costs. We can get content to market faster and authors are enthusiastic. To us, PublishOne is the solution that prepares us for the future right away.”




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Sdu uitgevers

Sdu creates a powerful unity with PublishOne

Sdu is one of the largest legal publishers in the Netherlands. They deliver content to the government, as well as lawyers, notaries, fiscal experts and other specialists. Sdu wants to further strengthen their position and chooses PublishOne to help them realise their plans to increase efficiency and further digitalise. By offering a uniform and user friendly author environment, Sdu wants to give their authors more support to allow them to publish current and valuable professional information as fast as possible.

To the letter of the law

As with most other publishing companies, Sdu is currently focussing on digitising content. Not only is presenting content quickly and keeping it up to date important, the presentation of the content should also be optimal for the working processes of legal professionals. To make the switch from print to digital, Sdu wanted a tool that is usable by authors and allows them to enrich content with, for instance, metadata and links. This way, customers have access to valuable content that is easily findable and searchable. After thorough market research, Sdu found PublishOne.

Towards a single uniform author environment

Sdu emphasises creating uniformity across the various author environments they are currently using. PublishOne offers an author environment based on Microsoft Word. This is familiar to authors and facilitates an easy switch to get as many authors as possible working in the same environment. At first, one of PublishOne’s specialists is present at Sdu to help work on the implementation of PublishOne. This way, an optimal knowledge transfer from PublishOne to Sdu is created and Sdu has full control over PublishOne’s configuration for their authors.

The result

Now that Sdu is using PublishOne, time to market has shortened significantly. Dorien de Geus from Sdu: “PublishOne grants us direct access to an XML file of the written content, which can then be published on various platforms. This saves us a lot of time with unnecessary conversions.” Just like all of PublishOne’s other customers, Sdu has a spot on the software advisory council. There they can voice their wishes for PublishOne. With advice from this council, PublishOne is now going through a strong development.




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