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PubliQare becomes a PublishOne partner

October 2019

PubliQare becomes a reseller for PublishOne in several European countries. PublishOne is a Dutch content workflow and authoring solution that enables content publishing to digital and print based on XML. The PublishOne software is offered as an “all inclusive” monthly subscription and can be used with editors such MS Word or third-party XML Editors. PublishOne already serves clients such as Wolters Kluwer, Vakmedianet and Sdu Uitgevers.

PubliQare will offer PublishOne as a part of its existing product portfolio, amongst which products from WoodWing, Dataplan and Enfocus. PubliQare will focus its PublishOne activities on the industries of B2B and scientific publishing, in areas such as accountancy, fiscal, legal, medical and e-learning. PubliQare will also develop integrations for PublishOne.

“For us, PublisOne is the perfect solution for organizations that create business-oriented or scientific content. Authors can use Word, while PublishOne generates XML in the back-end. Importing XML flows is also easy to setup. These features are key to this type of industries”, says Hans Fermont, a director at PubliQare. “This partnership fits perfectly into our strategy to stay ahead with innovative solutions for publishers”.

“PubliQare is one of the European leaders in the area of content production and publishing technology. They are aware of the challenges that B2B and scientific publishers have and they understand the power of the PublishOne product like no other”, according to Ellen van Beijsterveldt, Chief Operations Officer at PublishOne.

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iqbs solutions aims to improve the performance of organisations by optimising the quality and timeliness of information available to management.

iqbs implements and maintains powerful business intelligence solutions based on the Microsoft BI stack.

Deliver actionable data insights to everyone

  • Transform your data
  • Create powerful, scalable data models to turn complex data into actionable insights that can be easily understood.

Access any data anywhere

  • Connect to virtually any data set of any size, whether in the cloud or on-premise. No data movement is required.

Deliver insights anywhere

  • Let business users connect to and analyse data—sharing insights on the web, mobile devices, or custom applications.

Modernize enterprise reporting

  • Scale your reporting solution—deliver insights to thousands of users with an enterprise-ready reporting platform.

Create interactive reports

  • Using Power BI, quickly generate and share rich, interactive reports that help you better visualise and analyse your data.

Our approach is an important element of our success; the customer is central and receives our full commitment. We are fully focused on demands arising from your business and translate these into practical BI solutions.
Our commitment to achieving agreed results makes us go to the limit. With our highly qualified professionals, we fully support the projects of our customers with one goal: providing an efficient and reliable service. iqbs is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics.

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EDIA and PublishOne are together on a journey of discovering the next level of publishing services.

EDIA is an education technology company that supports publishers with automated metadata tagging and adoption of smart content. EDIA uses modern techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence that are offered in the form of an API directly to publishers or via various content management systems(CMS), of which PublishOne is one. This powerful combination of the CMS and automated meta-tagging will deliver huge benefits to consumers and businesses of both parties.

Building AI foundation

EDIA’s metadata-tagger automates the labor-intensive, manual process in order to improve content accessibility and personalization. Metadata allows publishers to drive more revenue, decrease content production costs and manage their content more effectively. Hence, PublishOne and EDIA are now working together to determine the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in improving and enriching the content.

As the first step in this collaboration, EDIA’s capabilities will be demonstrated during the demo at the Executive Council Event that PublishOne organized for their customers on May 14th. In the spotlight are metadata tagging of the reading difficulty level of the texts, extraction of relevant topics and keywords.

Automated Meta tagging in action

Inside each document in PublishOne, users can access a tab with automatically assigned metadata thanks to EDIA’s API. It is possible to set your own readability target level that the document is expected to be. With the help of the banner located on the top of the document’s view, it is possible to get a high-level meta tagging results as well as the information on how far the text is from a target level. PublishOne and EDIA are pleased with the new features and convinced that the customer will definitely gain the maximum benefit from using them.



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PublishOne and SNAP Innovation Announce Partnership for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany – 29 April 2019 – PublishOne, a leading provider of content workflow technology, and SNAP Innovation, a leading expert in workflow processes in the German speaking market, today announced a new partnership for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The agreement covers the distribution of and provision of services for PublishOne by SNAP Innovation. By combining the deep market knowledge and content workflow expertise of SNAP Innovation with the state-of-the-art and flexible PublishOne content workflow technology, both parties are excited in working together to create an offering of unprecedented strength.

“More and more customers think and work content first. PublishOne is the ideal solution to meet these customer requirements – especially when combined with Word as an editor” said Ulrich Zimmer, CEO of SNAP Innovation.

“In SNAP Innovation we have found a partner of true strength in the German speaking market. Their strong knowledge of the German market as well as their vast experience in content workflows and technologies makes SNAP Innovation a perfect partner for PublishOne. We strongly feel that the combination is bringing a unique offering to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.” said Wilto Hofman, Founder of PublishOne.



About SNAP Innovation

Since 1996, SNAP Innovation has been supporting publishers, media service providers and marketing professionals to optimize content production. Leading media companies such as Hubert Burda Media, Funke Mediengruppe, Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius and many others rely on workflow solutions from SNAP but also innovative companies from industry and services such as ADAC, C3, the European Union, or Sartorius.

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Addata becomes next generation editing company with PublishOne

Addata is an editing company that supports publishers during the full publishing process. Content is edited and structured. In addition, Addata takes care of the production for all final products, from books, magazines and loose-leaf publications, to online publications and ePubs. Custom solutions that relieve publishers. Addata uses – depending on their customers’ requests – various content management systems, of which PublishOne is one.

Optimal exchange

Addata performs services for several publishers that use PublishOne. Within the organisation several key-users have been trained who know the heart of the system. Other users were trained in PublishOne through on-the-job training. The Word interface ensures users quickly become familiar with the basic functionalities; editing and publishing. To accommodate specific changes requested by customers Addata has developed a set of additional tools around PublishOne. So optimal efficiency can be reached. For instance, this can be used to easily migrate large amounts of data from various sources (XML, Word, pdf) to PublishOne.

The result

While the choice for PublishOne was motivated by their customers, Addata is very pleased with the possibilities offered by the application and the additional service and support. Sofie Berkenbosch from Addata: “We notice that our editorial processes for customers that use PublishOne are running much smoother. The amount of steps in the production process is reduced and the production times are shorter. We are able to do more work in the same time. Publishers that are planning to deploy PublishOne will definitely realise significant savings.” A better compliment doesn’t exist.



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