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LIT conquers the Russian knowledge market with PublishOne

The Russian company LIT offers their customers in both business and academia an online platform that allows them to easily enrich and offer content. LIT also offers services to help manage content. This way, LIT helps authors reach target audiences that are relevant to them. Managing and offering knowledge is made easy by LIT with help from PublishOne.

Finally exchange scientific knowledge

LIT’s target companies usually have their own publishing service and their own file types. This means they cannot share knowledge amongst themselves sufficiently, which is critical in the modern scientific world. LIT wishes to solve this problem by getting as many businesses and scientific institutes to work with PublishOne as possible. They profit immediately form PublishOne’s expansive European network.

Always a fitting solution

PublishOne offers authors flexibility to work wherever and however they want. Both the Word plugin and the web editor in the cloud can be used. Most Russian companies already use Word, so taking the step to PublishOne is easy. LIT collaborates with an official Microsoft distributor in Russia and can also help organisations that don’t use Word yet and offer them any necessary support. Then there are organisations that don’t want to or can’t use Word; these can work with the web editor. This way, each organisation can choose which solution fits their needs best, with LIT offering the final product. With this knowledge as a starting point, LIT can easily reach as many customers as possible.

The result

With PublishOne, LIT has a unique proposition in Russia. Yulia from LIT: “The time is right to step into the Russian content market, it’s a young market and we would like to work effectively with international markets. PublishOne and LIT have only been collaborating for a short time, but we are confident that we can reach many new clients and markets with PublishOne’s user-friendliness and professional appearance.”




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